Story by Kavi Dhawan

22 June 2018
Dear Anna! Hope u r in good spirits! I just got back frm London! Thx again fr a wonderful trip! Here’s the feedback frm our incredible trip!
Nick is a very keen young man who showed us Moscow with so much passion and gusto!
At this young age his level of commitment to his job is commendable! His knowledge and love for his culture culminated into a very interesting experience for us!
As for Victoria, she is a brilliant guide with a vast knowledge of Russia! Her knowledge sits lightly on her shoulders and she dispenses without any effort! She’s a very helpful and sweet person and it was a pleasure to see St. Petersburg with her! In fact we are contemplating coming back to St. Petersburg at some point, as Victoria, while showing us around, made us realise how much MORE there is to see!!

Some critical aprreciation now :

1. The vans were comfortable but on the first 2 days we got cracked screens. That may prove to be dangerous and perhaps u can look into that.

2. It would be better if U cld recommend the itinerary to the clients as when we were booking u kept asking what WEd like to see! It’s easier fr people who haven’t been there to choose frm YR recommendations! We were not aware of St. Isaacs and wld hv missed seeing such a wondrous monument if Nick had not mentioned it ! Also Kazan cld hv been avoided as it was not as grand as St. Isaac.

3. Since Russia has such a history of war, to not show any war monuments feels incomplete!

4. You may want to give 5-7-10 day itineraries so that people can choose how much or how little they want to see! We for one would have chosen atleast 7 days if we’d known how much there is to see!

5. The timings we were given fr the drawing of the bridges was 12 am to 2 am. That was incorrect. In fact we kept standing in the rain and boarded only at 12.35 am. and it ended only at 3am. If we’d known we wld not hv opted for such a late trip as we had to pack n leave the next day!
These are some of the suggestions. Hope you’ll pay heed to them so other fellow travellers can benefit frm it !
Will contact u again when we come to St. Petersburg! Thx fr a grand trip!