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Golden Ring Tours - Standard Golden Ring

Standard Golden Ring of Russia 7 days / 6 nights for 2016
(Moscow Vladimir- Suzdal-Kostroma-Yaroslavl-Rostov-Sergiev-Posad-Moscow)
The Golden Ring consists of small ancient towns around Moscow. It is the most popular tourist route through the Russian provinces. The towns' churches, monasteries, fortresses, kremlins are incredibly picturesque, and the local museums represent the most superb examples of early Russian craft-work. The Golden Ring tour starts in Moscow. It is quite difficult to give a brief description of such a famous Russian city. However we will try:
Moscow is an official capital of Russia since 1918. It is difficult for Westerners to comprehend what an important place Moscow holds in the Russian imagination as a symbol of both spiritual and political power. The Kremlin, a north-pointing triangle with sides 750m (2460ft) long, is at the heart of Moscow in every way ? symbolically, historically and strategically. Red Square lies along its east side, the Moscow River flows past its south side. From here, Moscow spreads out in four distinctive rings of development, each area having its own collection of monasteries, museums and elegant buildings. The city is more than a metropolis of over nine million people, more than the administrative, legislative, educational, and cultural capital of Russia - it is the embodiment of the Russian Character and of Russian history.
 Rostov the Great   Sergiev Posad   Vladimir   Yaroslavl  
Sergiev Posad has always been a ?must? town in Golden Ring. This is a town of painters, wood-carvers, toy-makers developed from the villages and settlements nearby the Trinity-St Sergius Laura - one of the ancient and most revered Russian monasteries, a historic center of Russian Orthodox. You will enjoy a picturesque complex of buildings in the Trinity-St.Sergius Laura, which has also a very lovely surrounding scenery. In 1993, the monastery architectural ensemble of Sergiev Posad, the most popular Golden Ring town, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The city of Yaroslavl, located at the spot where the great Russian rivers Volga and Kotorosl meet, is today also a World Heritage place. It got its name from Prince Yaroslav the Wise in the XI century. Yaroslavl has some of the most impressive monasteries and churches, highlighting some of the countries most beautiful frescoes and the architectural ?Yaroslavl type? church (red brick and bright tiled exteriors). Some of the sights of this Golden Ring town include:   the Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration of the Saviour) Monastery, St.Nicholas Church and Church of Elijah the Prophet.
Kostroma, one of the oldest towns of Golden Ring (founded in 1152) is on left bank of Volga, at the mouth of the navigable Kostroma river. Its glittering gilded cupolas make it a conspicuous feature in the landscape as it climbs up the terraced river bank. Its fort was often the refuge of the princes of Moscow during the war, but the town was plundered more than once by Tatars. The real treasure of Kostroma however, is the Ipatiev Monastery, this magnificent building is situated in the outskirts of town and once housed the first Tzar of Romanov dynasty, Michail Fyodorovich. In the centre of the town there is a monument to the peasant Ivan Susanin, who sacrificed his own life in 1669 by leading the Poles astray in the forests in order to save the life of his own tsar Michail Fedeorovich Romanov.
 Bogolyubovsky Monastery   Suzdal on river Kamenka   Russian village on Golden Ring Tour  Sergiev Posad
The City of Vladimir is located on the bank of the Klyazma River. It was founded in either 990 or 1108, depending on which historians you refer to. For the better part of two centuries (from 1169 to the mid 1300s) it was the capital of ancient Rus. Vladimir is now considered one of the major members of the Golden Ring community towns which have played a significant role in the Russian history. Among many other attractions, the city boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These are the Golden Gates, Vladimir's unofficial symbol; the Assumption and St. Dimitry Cathedrals.
 If tourists go to Vladimir, they should not miss Bogolyubovo as it is also a part of Golden Ring tour. Among the sights worth visiting we should mention the Bogolyubovsky Monastery and the Church of the Intercession. The town of Bogolyubovo was  originally founded as a fortress in the 12th century by Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky ("Bogolyubsky" means "loved by god").
 Suzdal was first mentioned in the annals in 1024. Despite its venerable age, the city has remained young and beautiful. Suzdal stands along the banks of the Kamenka river which was navigable 300-400 years ago. White stone was used to build many churches, monasteries. The scenery gives you an idea of the boundless territory of Russia. Suzdal preserves a rustic atmosphere. You will not find any McDonalds restaurants or any trace of Western world here. Livestock wandering the streets and elderly women washing cloths in the river (and tourists wielding digital cameras) are regular sights in Suzdal.
Rostov the Great. An ancient Russian town located on lake Nero. The history of this place started 4 thousand years BC, when the first tribes settled next to the lake. Until the 11th century, the territory of Rostov was inhabited by the Finn-Ugors 'Meryans' people, and the city of Rostov was founded by them (it is known since the 9th century). Starting with 1207, Rostov became a principality and, after joining Moscow in 1474, it became a religious centre for the Moscow principality. The Rostov Kremlin, which is one of the most impressive monuments of the Golden Ring, was built in the 17th century as the Metropolitan's residence. Today, the Kremlin houses a museum exhibiting the furnishings of the Metropolitans' dining-room and study, the icons of the 15-17th centuries, and the famous Rostov enamels. The architectural monuments of Rostov include the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Bell Tower (1682-1687). The largest of the famous Rostov bells weighs 32,000 kg and the sound of its chimes can be heard at the distance of 20 km from the town.
Pereslavl-Zalessky.The town was founded by prince Yury Dolgoruky. It is located halfway between Moscow and Yaroslavl, about 130 km North-East of Moscow on the bank of Pleshcheevo Lake. Here, in 1693, young Peter the Great constructed a "funny fleet" which became a prototype of the first Russian fleet on the Baltic sea. Pleshcheevo Lake received the status of national park in 1988.
-         Arrival to Moscow
-         Transfer to the Hotel
-         City tour
-         Return to the hotel
-         Free time
-         Breakfast in the hotel
-         Excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery
-         Return to the hotel
-         Free time
-         Breakfast in the hotel
-         Departure to Vladimir
-         City tour in Vladimir
-         Lunch
-          Visit to the 12th century monuments: Uspensky and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals and Golden Gate, Museum of crystal and varnished miniature.
-         Departure to Suzdal.
-         Accommodation
-         Dinner in the hotel.
-         Breakfast in the hotel
-         City tour in Suzdal. Kremlin, the Museum of Wooden Architecture
-         Lunch
-         Transfer to Kostroma
-         Arrival to Kostroma. Accommodation in the hotel.
-         Dinner in the hotel.
-         Breakfast in the hotel
-         City tour in Kostroma. Visit to the Ipatiev Monastery, Trinity Cathedral
-          Lunch
-         Dinner in the hotel.

-         Breakfast in the hotel.
-         Departure to Yaroslavl. City tour in Yaroslavl
-         Visit to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery.
-         Lunch
-         Accommodation
-         Dinner in the hotel.
-         Breakfast in the hotel.
-         Transfer to Rostov
-         Kremlin, museum minift.
-         Transfer to Pereslavl-Zalessky
-         Lunch
-         Kremli with Preobrazhensky Cathedral
-         Tour to Sergiev Posad. Visit to the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra
-        Departure to Moscow.
(per person in RUB)
2 persons
4 persons
 Moscow - Hotel Ohotnik 3*** / Hotel Maxima 3***
Vladimir - Hotel Sokol 3***
Kostroma - Hotel Volga 3**"
Yaroslavl - Hotel Yubileynaya 3***


April - November 2016


Group rates will be given on request.  
Price includes
Price does not include
- Hotel accommodation
- Transfers to/from the hotel
- Car/Minivan during the tour
- Meals according to the program
- Tour Guides
- Entrance tickets
- Air fare
- Tips





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  Saint-Petersburg for 3, 4, 5 days

  Moscow for 3, 4, 5 days

  St. Petersburg – Moscow, 7 days

  Standard Golden Ring, 7 days

  Big Golden Ring of Russia, 9 days

  Trans-Siberian Express, 12 days (St. Petersburg - Moscow - Irkutsk - Lake - Baikal - Khabarovsk)

  St. Petersburg – Lake Baikal, 8 days (St. Petersburg – Ekaterinburg – Lake Baikal)

  St. Petersburg – Novgorod, 4 days

  Cruise St. Petersburg – Mandrogi – Kizhi – Valaam, 3 days

  Cruise St. Petersburg – Valaam, 1 day

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