Review by Отзыв

6 September 2019
The Russia section was great apart from the returning train from Petrozavodsk to St. Petersburg, the ticket was for the 28/7 not 28/8. No one picked up on it, until the conductor typed my name into her computer and said you’re not on this train. The supervisor came, who spoke English and explained, and it was obvious just previously unnoticed, so I had to purchase another ticket and get back to the train with a few minutes to spare. It was a mistake on the part of the Parallel 60 people.

The Parallel 60 people could, in their package provide information about the various items of interest in the location you’re at, just from the available public information, as it took a while to get wise to how everything works, and the best way of accessing them.

I found buying tickets on-line the previous evening through the official website!!!, to be the only way to see the various things without being stuck in the throng. Food was brilliant, so much choice.

Petrozavodsk, Capital city of Karelia state, was really nice, on Lake Onega, Kizhi island, along with other things  I didn’t get to see. Anastacia, Maxim and the last lady who did the Petrovodsk part were great, super prepared, and gave information etc to complete your experience.

The marcial spring waters was a surprise. The Sanatorum Dvorsky, nice and comfortable, resonant walls, I was the only one there not for health reasons, as most visitors are on a doctor coordinated holiday, rest & relaxation, spa and even medical treatments daily, very controlled diet regime depending on prescription, exercise, fresh air and healing waters. That worked for me also. The springs also very popular.

Overall, everyone I encountered was friendly and super helpful, even the RZD people. I’d definitely go back.