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Total message: 137                    Pages :  1  ..  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |  ..  14

Name: Alan and Helen Charman (Australia)                    Date: May 25, 2010    12:56

Hi Slava!

This is just to let you know that we are in Moscow and everything is okay. That little problem (clients were late for the ship departure) really didnt amount to anything, really, and the ship company took full responsibility for the error. They treated us very well, and by the time we left port the next day, it was all forgotten. So I dont want you to worry about it... it was their fault, not yours, and they did everything they could to make things right. We had a great trip, and are delighted with the Moscow hotel... very luxurious, more than we expected.

Will write to you again from Sydney, but right now I must contact home, since the holiday ends in less than two days. Thanks again for everything, and please dont feel bad about that one little problem... it was nothing, really.

Alan and Helen Charman

Name: Eunice Glosson (USA)                    Date: May 24, 2010    19:16

We are back home from our trip to St. Petersburg and want to thank you for
our very nice tour experiences.

Our guide Alexandra and driver Andrew did a wonderful job. We had a memorable day. Please let Alexandra know that we all appreciated her
wonderful tour.


Eunice Glosson

Name: Friederike Diehl (Germany)                    Date: May 17, 2010    18:34


Sorry about difficulties with the adress and tel. number of our hotel. The guide you send us, arrived in time and we enjoyed the trip to Pushkin.
With our guide we were very content ; he spoke an excellent german, was very friendly and best informed.

best greetings
Friederike Diehl

Name: Bruce Delaney (Canada)                    Date: May 3, 2010    20:30

Just wanted to say thank you for the Russian tour,Hotels Transfers and guides were great.
Language was a challenge but fun.
We learned a great deal about Russian Culture and History.I would highly reccomend this tour and your Agency.

Thanks Much,Bruce Delaney

Name: Michael Scholes (UK)                    Date: Mar 29, 2010    15:01

Dear parallel 60,

Just a brief message to say how much I enjoyed my day at the three Palaces. Please pass on my thanks to Alexandra & Dimitri -- I saw everything that I hoped to see. As well as being very enjoyable I learned a great deal about the history of the sites and their contents as well as the royal occupants. It was certainly amazing to see how beautifully these have been restored after the tremendous damage during the war.

Thank you again for your excellent organisation

Regards - Michael Scholes

Name: Mike Belton (UK)                    Date: Mar 3, 2010    11:39


Dear Andrei,

Thank you so much for taking the time to arrange our tour agenda. The guide and driver were first class as we had a really great time.

Thanks again for all your help, it is truly appreciated.

Best regards,

Mike Belton
SGS Minerals Services

Name: David Lilley and Heidi Clapp (UK)                    Date: Feb 4, 2010    10:38


Dear parallel 60 team,

Just to say the tour was flawless and guide exceptional !

Thanks very much


Name: Alexander Butiu-Viski (Romania)                    Date: Jan 18, 2010    17:23

Hello Slava,

I apologize for this very late reply. We are home, a lot of things to do, I hope you can understand.

I called you just before taking off, but nobody answered. I did it to thank you.

We had one very best vacation and Piter became our most favorite place in the world (and believe me, we have seen a lot). Every step in Piter, one can breathe history and culture. It is amazing!

Your proposal was excellent. And the services from Svetlana and Dimitri were all we could expect.

Today we should have been on our way back to Piter, but it was postponed for at least a week.
I think we will be back next Monday and hope to stay until end of March.

We will keep in touch to plan for end of March a new vacation (there still are so many things to see!). Just one condition: to have again the services of Svetlana and Dimitri.

I will call you when back to Russia.

Best regards, Alex

Alexandru Butiu-Viski photo Alexandru Butiu-Viski photo Alexandru Butiu-Viski photo

Name: Normand Harriet (Germany)                    Date: Nov 27, 2009    16:03


Thank you , Thank You for an incredible trip and assisting me with everything while we were
in St Petersburg. Marina and Helen were amazing and I have learned so much about your beautiful
city of St Petersburg. The bus drivers were great and they made sure we arrived safely to all of
our destinations Victor and I cannot spell the other drivers name I do apologize .
It would have been nice to meet you maybe next time. With all of our photos some of the guys
will be making a cd with all of the photos I will send a copy to you. I have forwarded your
name and company to everyone here in GK for future trips to Russia. I sent your email to
everyone who visited St Petersburg on this trip you may receive some emails. If you ever decide
to visit Germany please let me know and you are always welcome at our home.

Yours Truly

Normand Harriet

Name: Irene Yates (USA)                    Date: Oct 27, 2009    17:12

Hi??”we had a great time, and this was due in large part to the excellent efforts of Alexandra and Andrew. Both are very talented and helpful, and they worked hard to tailor the tours to what we were most interested in.
The organization was perfect, with tickets delivered on time to the hotel, and both of them very punctual.

Our overall impression is quite positive, and we would recommend your company without hesitation to others who travel to St. Petersburg.

Also, I have posted a similar review on www.tripadvisor.com. Many people visit this site for unbiased travel reviews (in case you have not heard of it) so hopefully this can help spread information quickly about your company.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Yates Irene

Total message: 137                    Pages :  1  ..  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |  ..  14




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  St. Petersburg – Lake Baikal, 8 days (St. Petersburg – Ekaterinburg – Lake Baikal)

  St. Petersburg – Novgorod, 4 days

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