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Since established in 2006, parallel 60 has been offering Russian holiday tour packages to travelers, allowing them to enjoy hassle-free and well-organized trips. We complete tour packages with a comprehensive spectrum of travel services, including multilingual guide services, comfortable transport, hotels and museums.

We will help you explore the beauty of Russia and its treasures, offer you river cruise options and shore excursions.

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Travel coordinator, St.Petersburg
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By making a reservation with parallel60 travel agency, you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions on this page. You should read this carefully before booking services. 

Any action you undertake directly thereafter is the sole responsibility of the persons making the booking; (i.e. you, your party) and your contracted suppliers. Changes in law, regulations, licenses, performance and e-commerce are ongoing, and therefore inaccuracies and inconsistencies may occur. We advise that you undertake your own satisfactory verification of information.

We will provide all services purchased and confirmed by ourselves in each itinerary. Due to the nature of the travel industry in Russia, on certain occasions due to unforeseen circumstances itineraries may be altered with little or no notice i.e. excursion changes, theatre billing or hotel changes etc: in all cases we will provide a suitable alternative of equal or greater value. All excursions included in the tour price are confirmed prior to departure. Optional excursions, if time permitting, may be offered to clients for extra fee. None of our services include tips to waiters or guides, laundry, drinks (except where indicated), souvenirs or other items of a personal nature.

Parallel60 cannot take any responsibility for any damage or loss. We will attempt to ensure information on this site is reliable, accurate and in no way misleading however parallel60 provide no guarantees and will not be responsible in any way for the performance, operations, abilities, opinions, personnel and / or results of utilising these resources - including but not limited to: quality, safety & security, hygiene, catering, customer service, licenses, qualifications, instruction, injury, insurances & assurances, information, regulations, reliability, maintenance, availability, refusal, performance, personnel, pricing & payment, costs & charges, weather, access & entry, expulsion, cancellation, insolvency, closure, membership, timetables, duration, disputes and or any other consideration.

In all cases, we reserve the right to cancel any reservations where clients fail to make the necessary deposit or full payment of the tour. If we, for whatever reason, cancel the tour, our liability is limited to the money paid to us by our clients.

Parallel60 will not be held responsible for any damages, personal injury or loss of articles, refusal of entry (including hotels) resulting from drunken or unruly behaviour.

Parallel60 urges all organisers / users to undertake their own stringent preparations / inspections / research to ensure that they are entirely satisfied. If time is an issue, we urge organisers to delay organisation until the necessary enquiries can be made and total satisfaction can be reached.

In the unlikely event you have any complaints about the travel services we provide, in the first instance please ask your guide for help or call our office (telephone numbers are provided in each confirmation). Your guide or our staff member will do their best to resolve the problem. If the situation can not be resolved satisfactorily by the efforts of any of our representatives, please write to the General Director of parallel60 for a full and proper investigation within 30 days of returning home. Please note in 99% of cases all problems can be resolved locally so if you do not inform your guide or our office staff the exact nature of your issue, we can not offer compensation upon your return home. We will, in all circumstances, endeavour to please our clients with every aspect of our service.

Photographic images on our website should only be used as a guide and cannon be used for commercial purposes. All trademarks, images, logos are copyrighted and remain the property of parallel60 and the respective companies.

We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your tour. If so we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you an alternative program or a full refund. As all of our tours are entirely inpidual and do not depend on a certain number of passengers booking, cancellation by us is highly unlikely. We may have to cancel a tour due to force majeure circumstances - if so we will give you a full refund but will have no other liability to you whatsoever.

We only act as an agent for embassies, hotels and other travel organisations. We reserve the right to alter or adjust any travel programme at our discretion and at any time for economic, safety or other reasons beyond our control, or where we feel there may be danger or other problems for our clients. All clients are highly recommended to take travel insurance to cover health problems, injury, death, disablement, etc as parallel60 is not responsible for the provision of such insurance. We can not be responsible for the third party errors or other misdemeanours i.e. post strikes, flight delays, accommodation problems etc but will do our very best to sort everything out amicably. Please note certain products we offer are dependent upon good weather and bad weather may, in the interests of your safety, make it necessary to cancel, postpone or reschedule the activity. If this does happen once again we will provide full support to your insurance company to ensure you receive the necessary refund. Your safety is always our priority.

Parallel60 will endeavour to act on any reasonable comments, including the correction of errors, and requests made directly to russia@parallelsixty.com pertaining to the www.parallelsixty.com website and if necessary remove information from our exchange.

Offer agreement


Company Parallel60, LLC, represented by Director General Vyacheslav Bochkov, acting on the basis of the Statute of the tour company, hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”, hereby expresses its intention to make an agreement to provide the services to Customers (individuals and legal entities) on the conditions provided for by this offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). 1. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: For the purpose of this offer the terms given below shall have the following meaning: Offer means this document. Acceptance of the Offer means the full and absolute acceptance of the Offer by performance of the actions specified in the Offer. Customer means an individual and a legal entity who/which accepted the Offer and consumes the services under the made Agreement. Agreement means the services agreement between the Customer and the Contractor which shall be made by means of Acceptance of the Offer. Services means guided tours of St Petersburg, Moscow, Russia provided by PARALLEL60, LLC.

2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer (in accordance with article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
2.2. Offer acceptance means prepaying for ordered services in accordance with the procedure determined by this Agreement and using the Contractor’s services. Acceptance of this Agreement by the Customer means that the Customer fully agrees with all the provisions of this Agreement.

3.1. Relations concerning consumer rights protection shall be governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Law “On Consumer Rights Protection” and other federal laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance with the Law.
3.2. This Offer shall regulate the procedure and conditions of sale of Services and obligations the Contractor and the Customer incur in relation thereto.
3.3. Services shall be sold to the Customer only on the conditions of this Offer and only in the event of its full and absolute acceptance. Partial acceptance or acceptance on other conditions is not allowed.
3.4. In order to cooperate with the Contractor as agents, legal entities must make the respective written agreement. The Rules of this Offer shall have force for such agreements, unless otherwise expressly provided for by the respective agreement between the Customer and the Contractor.
3.5. In order to purchase Services individuals and legal entities shall pay for them on the basis of an invoice to be issued by the Contractor. In this event the Rules of this Offer shall apply, unless otherwise expressly established by the respective agreement between the Customer and the Contractor.
3.6. The Contractor shall have the right to change this Offer at any time; however, in any event such changes shall be published and communicated to the general public by publishing on the Internet at http://www.parallelsixty.com. The use of the Contractor’s services by the Customer after such changes have been made to the text of this Offer shall mean the acceptance of the Offer with account of the changes made.
3.7. The conditions of this Offer are valid for Buyers paying both through the website http://www.parallelsixty.com and at the sales office and shall not depend on the mode of payment.

4.1. Providing Customers with the tour guiding and transport services.
4.2. PARALLEL60 LLC shall be responsible to the Customers for the quality of the services provided.

5.1. PARALLEL60 LLC shall:
5.1.1. From the date of this Agreement provide the Services to the Customer in accordance with their list and quality requirements determined in this Agreement.
5.1.2. Notify the Customer of made changes and additions concerning the scheduled events.
5.1.3. Not disclose any Customer’s private information and not provide third parties with access to such information, except when envisaged by legislation.
5.1.4. Enable the Customer to receive free telephone consultations at the telephone numbers specified on the server www.parallelsixty.com. The scope of consultations shall be limited by particular questions relating to the provision of the Services.
5.1.5. Perform the assumed obligations to provide the Services to the Customer. The Contractor reserves the right not to provide the Services in the event of a force majeure.
5.2. PARALLEL60 LLC shall have the right to:
5.2.1. Unilaterally change this Agreement and the Service Rates by placing the same on the server at: http://www.parallelsixty.com at least ten (10) days before the same enter into force.
5.2.2. Refuse to make a Services agreement notifying the Customer thereof.
5.3. The Customer shall:
5.3.1. Before the date of the Agreement review the content of the Offer Agreement, conditions of the agreement and rates offered by the Contractor on the web server (http://www.parallelsixty.com).
5.3.2. Pay for the Services in a timely manner.

6.1. The Services shall be provided to the Customer on the basis of the Rates and Conditions of PARALLEL60 LLC.
6.2. The money paid for the guided tour services or transport services may be returned in accordance with the approved procedure:
6.2.1. The money paid for the tour services yet due to take place shall be refunded with deduction of the expenses already made towards the organization of the services by the moment of making the claim. If any other refunding conditions have been agreed upon between the provider of the services and the client, these conditions prevail.
6.2.2. Money shall be refunded by the same method it was paid by the client.
6.2.3. Should an Event be cancelled, replaced or rescheduled, money shall be refunded by the organizer of the Event, unless otherwise provided for by the agreement. When a scheduled event is cancelled, 100% of the cost of the services shall be refunded, the communication fee and the cost of delivery shall not be refunded. Money shall be refunded at a place and within a period established by the event organizer.
6.2.4. Money may be returned and refunded at the wish of buyers in accordance with the following procedure:
Money shall be refunded to a person registered in the order at www.parallelsixty.com upon presentation of an identity document, on the basis of buyer’s written application.
In the event the refund is claimed 7 (seven) calendar days or more before the event, the full nominal cost of the services shall be refunded after deduction of actually incurred expenses towards the organization of the services, already made, the receipt, collection of sales revenue, filing, promotion, printing out, transfer of ticket information, selection by a call center operator, technical support of servers, courier delivery services, etc. In order to obtain a detailed calculation of the cost of the services please file an application (providing your passport details, email and telephone number) by email to the address indicated on the web site www.parallelsixty.com.
In the event a ticket is returned within less than 7 (seven) calendar days before the event, the cost of the ticket shall not be refunded.
6.2.5. The cost of tickets sold at a discount shall be refunded with account of the discount received.
6.3. Funds transferred to the Company through electronic payment systems by mistake shall be refunded via bank transfer upon the application prepared and signed by the client. Such signed application may be delivered to the Company in person, sent by email to russia@parallesixty.com. Funds shall be refunded within three (3) banking days after the date the application is received by the Company (which shall be confirmed by an answer indicating that the letter was read by employees of the Company). Funds received through an electronic payment system shall be refunded upon the client’s application in accordance with the procedure established by this Offer Agreement.
7.1. The Parties acknowledge that the performance of the obligations under this Agreement shall start from the date PARALLEL60 LLC is applied to or from the date of signature of the Agreement and end once the Parties completely perform the obligations.
7.2. All disputes and disagreements arising in the course of performance of the obligations under this Agreement by the Parties shall be settled by negotiation.
7.3. Should the Parties be unable to reach an agreement by negotiation, all disputes and disagreement shall be settled by the Court of Arbitration of Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
8.1. PARALLEL60 LLC shall not refund the Customer for unused services.


9.1. I, personal data subject, in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152 "On Personal Data", provide to Parallel 60, LLC (hereinafter - "Operator"), located at 191036, Room 22-N, bd. 7, 2-nd Soviet Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia, my consent to the processing of personal data specified by me in the form of placing an order on this site in the "Internet" network, owned by the Operator.
9.2. Composition of the personal data provided by me is as follows: Name, surname, address, email address and phone number. Purposes of processing my personal data are: order processing or preliminary applications made on this site in the "Internet", which is owned by the Operator.
9.3. Consent is granted for the following actions (operations) with the personal data specified in this consent: collecting, storing, clarification (updating, changing), using, transmitting (providing, accessing), blocking, deleting, destroying, using both automation (automated processing) and without using such tools (manual processing).
9.4. I understand and agree that providing the Operator with any information about myself that is not contact information and not related to the purposes of this agreement, as well as providing information related to state, banking and / or commercial secrets, information about the race and / or national affiliation, political views, religious or philosophical convictions, health status, intimate life is prohibited.
9.5. If I decide to provide the Operator with any information (any data), I agree to provide only accurate and up-to-date information and do not have the right to mislead the Operator about my identity, to report false or unreliable information about myself.
9.6. I understand and agree that the Operator does not verify the authenticity of the personal data provided by me and does not have the ability to assess my legal capacity and assumes that I provide reliable personal data and maintain such data up-to-date.
9.7. Consent acts upon the achievement of processing objectives or in the event of a loss of the need to achieve these goals unless otherwise provided by the Federal law.
9.8. Consent may be withdrawn by me at any time on the basis of my written application.

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